Starting a Rooftop Garden, By Fertile Limited

People who do not live in residences with a backyard can nevertheless create their own garden — on their roofs. This option has become especially popular among urban dwellers who reside in apartment buildings.

While people can simply grow an assortment of fresh flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other items in pots, the well-organized rooftop garden offers a myriad of ecological and financial benefits. So-called “green roofs,” which are more intricate rooftop gardens, can insulate a facility while providing food and decreasing rainwater runoff.

Those interested in developing a rooftop garden should remain aware of several factors. Safety plays a crucial role, especially in windy areas, so the gardener should construct fencing to prevent items from falling off or toppling over. One should also contact a contractor to determine the maximum weight the roof can support. When these elements are determined, the individual can decide on what to plant and how to keep the area preserved.

About the Author:

Based out of Chicago, Fertile Limited sells flowers, shrubs, trees, and other pieces for rooftop and street-level gardens. Its employees also aid their clients with maintenance and design.

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