About Fertile Limited

Fertile Limited urban garden center, at 1646 West Diversey Parkway in Chicago, already, after only a few months in business, is a pivotal member of the Chicago gardening community. Operated by husband and wife gardeners and owners Susan and Russell Brandstetter, Fertile Limited handled nearly two dozen projects in its first five months, including rooftop gardens, small urban planting areas, and front and back yard plots. The employees of Fertile Limited hold certification as Master Gardeners and degrees in Agriculture and Landscape Design, and they are just as enthusiastic and passionate about gardening as the people who turn to them for guidance and expertise. Not only selling plants and gardening supplies and accessories, Fertile Limited has several subspecialties, from the two florists who sell prepotted containers to landscaping and maintenance services.

The 25,000-square-foot garden center at Fertile Limited occupies 8 city lots, 5 of which hold trees and shrubs brought in from a dozen states in different geographical areas. Fertile Limited’s main lot features annuals, perennials, garden accessories, and containers highlighting several plants that are unique to the Midwest and as such are ideal for growing throughout the changing seasons. Formerly Fertile Delta and Fertile Gardens, Fertile Limited’s longstanding presence at 1646 West Diversey Parkway offers familiar, expert faces eager to see all customers come away satisfied and armed with the knowledge of how to create a beautiful garden. Fertile Limited also tries to beautify its community by working with schools and charitable organizations like the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago to combine keenly designed gardens with fundraisers or educational programs for young people living within city limits. With membership in the local Landscape Design Association and operating hours through the end of December, Fertile Limited is an ideal destination for anybody interested in growing and maintaining plant life in Chicago.


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