Preparing a Garden for Winter

The Chicago firm Fertile Limited helps customers create gardens for their yards and roofs. The company, which can be found online at, sells plants and educates consumers on the best ways to protect and improve their gardens. This becomes especially important during the winter months. To keep a garden secure during the cold season, follow these simple steps compiled by our Fertile Limited editorial team.

In the fall, clean the area by eliminating weeds, invasive plants, leaves, and debris. Subsequently, prepare the garden for spring. For an easy method, place another four inches of compost on top of the beds. Along with enhanced fertility, this new material can better absorb nutrients that are naturally found in winter air and rain.

During this time, the gardener should split plants such as perennials that need dividing and fertilize the soil with an all-purpose fertilizer. Those who want spring-blooming bulbs as part of their garden should plant them during the autumn. Finally, layer beds with up to eight inches of mulch, as it functions as a blanket against freezing temperatures.